Buy Existing Paper - A Qualitative study of Technology Integration into Culture and Sustainability in schools

A Qualitative study of Technology Integration into Culture and Sustainability in schools



A Qualitative study of Technology Integration into Culture and Sustainability in schools

The above named article is about students using the TeachUp! The study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the program on student achievement. The participants were employees using the TeachUp! program in two school districts in Mississippi. The method of data collection was interviews to assess the perception of the use of TeachUp in culture and operation in schools. The study aimed at establishing changes in the long run and weather education improved as a result of using the program. To participate in the study, one had to be a technology director, a principal in either high school or elementary, teach English or science in high school, be a middle school librarian, and be a math or music teacher or a special education teacher.

In culture, the results showed that school projects were completed better because of TeachUp! Classes were better organised as a result. In school operations, technology has been integrated in almost every activity thanks to TeachUp! unlike before. Teachers report greater confidence in using technology as an instruction tool. The use of technology including computer emails or PowerPoint and phones in the classroom increased effective communication between teachers and school heads and information is shared easily. In teaching, TeachUp! Increased the acceptance of technology use among traditionally instructing teachers; who were not very comfortable with technology in the classroom. Teachers also reported using technology in lesson plans. TeachUp! drastically improved the attitude of teachers. On sustainability, the study reveled that this new craze was not a passing thing. Teachers were now very dependent on technology and used the Promethean board daily. Faculties within the school also met up more to discuss what more they could use technology for in school activities.A Qualitative study of Technology Integration into Culture and Sustainability in schools

Among students, teachers reported that all students were using technology in the classroom. Students are researching, calculating and interacting with each other to learn in the classroom. Some students understood the technology before but could not use it effectively because their teachers hardly encouraged it. Now, these students are happy that classrooms are using technology every day in all classrooms and the facilities like computers have been increased. The students cover the syllabus more effectively as a result.

The study concluded that TeachUp! Has drastically improved the way technology is used in schools today. The same technology was available in schools before but not in use because most teachers did not know how to use it and were not comfortable with it. With the help of interns, teachers are realising that technology can be used in more than one way to improve the learning experience of students. The attitudes teachers held of technology have changed for the better. Classrooms are now happy places as modern students are highly motivated about technology. Schools are brainstorming for new ideas on how to use the technology at their disposal to achieve greater things. Impressively, some teachers now can no longer imagine how they survived in traditional classrooms.


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