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A letter to the president of the unite states.



A letter to the president of the unite states.

Dear sir,

My name is Shannon Mulcay, I am an employee of the Rexnord Corporation and I have been an employee in this corporation for over a long period of time. I have always been your supporter mr president, considering the fact that you talk so much on jobs and not safety nets. Rexnord Corporation is one of the biggest companies in moving operations, in part and across the border to Mexico, therefore the corporation needs to be taxed, instead it is to my disappointment that that you Mr. President has not gone forward with your threat in taxing the Corporation. I was not able to vote in the year 2016 but that does not indicate that am not a citizen of democracy. According to me people in my situation are not heard but I have currently done some reading on what politicians like you Mr  president might do to help people like me and that is why I have made a decision of writing you a letter to express my sincerities.

Economy is of relevance in todays generation. Unions were once the central force in the United States economy. Over the past years the unions have been declining leading to an impact regarding inequality (Fredge, 3). Reasons for the decline in unions are;  change in the compositions of jobs. Restaurants and hospitalities are among the fastest growing jobs and recently, these industries have had low unionization rates. Secondly is that  the manufacturing department has been loosing opportunities for the past few years. Another reason is that the laws in place makes it very difficult to stipulate and therefor unionize. One of the laws is right-to work. Every individual in US have the right to work and therefore people who work in the unionized work areas do not necessarily have to join the union leading to the decline of unions.A letter to the president of the unite states.

Something else that is of relevance in the economy of the United States is the rise of Automation. Automation has been a fixture for over the past few decades. Most corporation and companies are using it as a strategy to optimize the costs regarding labor and boost the rates at which new commodities as well as processes are being launched (Fredge, 15). Automation is also being used to minimize errors and reap benefits regarding to the performance of the corporation. I also understand that the government will also benefit a lot from the adoption of automation, this is because automation will help in improving the productivity of economy  country wide. The corparation keeps benefiting from automation and the government does not threat to tax the corporation this becames are disadvantage since the workers give results and yet they get taxed while the corporation does not.

Globalization is key factor on the relevance of the economy in the US. Since globalization involves coming  together as one and making international trade easier. Rexnord corporation is an international  corporation that trades with other organisations to improve its standards (Moutsatsos, 24). Corporations gain  competitive advantage on multiple areas as a result of globalization. The corporation gian access to new clients from different parts of the countries and that will have a benefit to the country’s economy. The company gains a lot from globalization and for the economy of the United States to be uplifted is to tax the corporation in every way possible. Ths will improve the country’s economy.






Financialization is of economic benefit to the United States. Financialization has caused increase in income in the financial sectors. Individuals working in the financial sector have experienced increase in their income than those in economy sector (Kohler, Alexender and Engekbert, 7) . Financialization has also helped to build economies, for instance, financial sectors can contribute to growth in the economic sectors. They also facilitate international trade whivh improves the economy.. financialization has also led to growth of job opportunities therefore improving the economic status of the country.

From the relevance of the above information. It is clear that the best approach is to tax the corporation. The corporation gains in every way possible be it in labor, automation, globalization and financialization. Once the corporation begins to be taxed the economy of the country will begin to rise. From the two articles which are “Bring the workers on board” by Matt Mazewski and “How Bosses are like Dictators” by Elizabeth Warren. It is therefore advisable that for proper management and good decision making of the corporation, there should be representative of the workers on the management board. The employees should also be provided with an ownership interest in the company. The employees should also be in a position to acquire some profits for the jobs well done, this may involve incentives as well as commissions for them to be motivated into putting an extra effort towards improving the economy of the corporation and the country at large.A letter to the president of the unite states.

I do trust and highly believe that you Mr. president you are a man of high intergrity and high authority and will therefore find it convincing and make the right call in taxing the corporation that I work for, considering the fact that the decision will highly benefit the economy of the entire country. Finally I propose that regarding to this letter, you may send a number of tweets like agreeing to task some corporations, reasons for doing that, the benefits that country will gain in the economic sector. The tweets  should be tweeted on #donaldtrump and I will be sure to read the feeds. Thank you Mr president.


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