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A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities



A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities

Monday, April 15, 2019

Today, I decided to explore my creative side. I am a big fun of DIY (Do It Yourself) videos on the internet because I love creating new things from junk. I have always watched the videos and marveled but today I decided to try out some of the few tricks. In the recent past, I saw a video about how to make house slippers but today I couldn’t find the video. I remembered a few steps but did not have the entire process in mind. I therefore decided to be creative where I had forgotten. First, I had to find an old pair of jeans. I found one that had outlived its days. The next step was to cut out the back pockets. I cut them out from the waist area and around the pocket. I tried them on and they fit like they were made just for me. However, these jeans house slippers were difficult to walk in and could not tread over water without getting wet. To solve this problem, I got creative and found an old rubber mat. The idea was to give the slippers grip and be able to wear them and not get wet feet. I placed the cut out pockets on the rubber mat and cut out the rubber mat in two similar shapes to get soles for my house slippers. Next, I glued the cut out rubber onto the pocket cutouts and I finally had house slippers. What is more important is that they are very warm and easy to put on. I was so happy to have transformed to old unused pieces of material and made something useful. I was so proud of myself and promised to do more things for myself now that I was successful in one. Even more importantly I get to save the money I would have used to buy new house slippers. I am a very cheap person and when I can save a few coins, it is all happiness! I learnt that I can do anything I set out to do.A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Today I decided to test my perseverance. I have friends who thoroughly enjoy running and it is a hobby for them, I am not really a runner and I am always rejecting their offer to join them for a run. So today I decided to surprise them and I called in advance to ask if I could join them. They warned me that they would be running the hill track and I signed up for it. I started strong but a few miles along the route, I was super tired and already giving up. I have always prided myself in being a persevering person because I have gone through so much in life up to this point. However, this was a new test of my perseverance. I contemplated turning back and going back to the starting point which was also the finish line. Standing for a few minutes I realized why I was here in the first place. I was not exercising or sightseeing but I was competing with myself. I was here to learn a new lesson on perseverance so I decided to finish the track all the same. It was not easy at all and there are moments I reduced my run to a near crawl but nothing could hold my joy when I saw the finish point. It was like I got a new pair of legs and I ran with the last amount of energy I could sermon and as fast as I could. I had finished a difficult track! I had found new lessons. Perseverance is getting to the finish line no matter the hard circumstance. This exercise taught me that discipline is important in every journey of life. I also learned that perseverance is looking beyond my current trouble and imagining the reward. From today, every time I want to give up I will remember this day and persevere.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

From a young age, my mother always referred to me as curious cat. Curiosity has put in me in a lot of trouble for the most part of my young life but it is also the reason I have some memorable moments. I have always wondered how it felt to be a waiter in a big restaurant that only serves the high and mighty. Aimed with little experience from the time I waited on people in a little restaurant at home, I went to this big restaurant where I could hardly afford a full course meal and asked the manager if I could wait tables for one night for free. I felt that the only reason I was given this chance was because someone had called in last minute and the hotel was packed meaning they were understaffed. The manager only gave me a chance because of my little experience, free service and desperation. He was worried I would serve their customers wrong and loose a few customers in the process, on the other hand, I was not thinking about all that. I only wanted to interact with this super rich and powerful people. Long story short, I met a nice young couple that was really friendly, they even called me by my name, thanks to the name tag. I met a few people who did not think it prudent to return a greeting or even look up to me when I handed out menus. It was like I was invisible. I met people who tipped generously but also met others who thought my service did not deserve a tip. I met grumpy people as well who could not be satisfied with all the running around I did for them. I met very demanding people. At the end of the night I was tired and very hungry. I learnt that in life I cannot please everyone. I also learnt that my curiosity was still good in finding me new experiences. I learnt that people are similar whether they have money or not. Money hardly defines character. I learnt to appreciate the work of waiters because now more than ever I know that a thank you, a smile and calling a waiter by their name makes their day!A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities

Thursday, April 18, 2019

I think I am a kind person. It is a strength I learned from my grandmother because her home was always a place for stray animals. She fed them and they kept coming back. She infected me with this kindness and I always try to help out when I can. For this assignment, I was wondering what I should do to show kindness. I had some amount of free cash so I decided to get a few snacks from the supermarket. I walked along the streets that are frequented by homeless people and handed a few snacks to those I could find. I was surprised that most of the things I take for granted such as a good meal means the world so some people. The happiness on these homeless people’s faces made me shed a few tears. They were so happy with so little. I didn’t give them much but they appreciated it all the same. I learnt that a little kindness goes a long way.A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities

Friday, April 19, 2019

After the encounter with the homeless people, I realized just how much I go about life assuming everyone has got it together. I challenged myself to one act of kindness each day for the remaining part of the week. Today, I helped people load their groceries into their cars. I especially targeted the old and mothers with young kids. I made them so happy and this made me happy too. Small acts of kindness really get to people. One old lady told me that getting groceries in her boot is always a task because her back hurts a lot but she does not like to bother people so she does not ask for help. A mother with two young kids was so happy that she offered a tip that I had to turn down. She told me that she often has to deal with the kids throwing tantrums and get the groceries in the car at the same time. I learnt that I should help people even before they ask because we now live in a very selfish world and people are afraid to ask for help. I learnt that kindness is giving service because you want to simply help because you know it means something to the person you give kindness to. I felt so at peace and felt good. It is amazing how making people happy reciprocates the feeling.

Saturday, April 19, 2019

Today I decided to show kindness to the children in hospital. I just strolled over and asked nurses if I could play with the kids during visiting hours. Their parents looked tired after sitting by their bedsides for a long time and I convinced most of them to go for a coffee break. It is amazing how much energy kids have even when they are sick. We played games that did not take much energy and soon we were giggling and laughing. At the end of the hour I got, the kids requested that I read them a story as I dramatize it. This was pure torture because my acting skills are poor but I took it all the same. Soon, most of them fell asleep. As the parents slowly walked back in, I realized that they were even more burdened than the children. My mother used to say that I will never know what love is until I get my own kids. I could see the love and worry in this parents faces. I am not very good with discussing emotions so I let them be. I was however happy with the smiles and giggles from the sick kids and they made me promise to come back some other day. I may not have time to go back there soon but I think I will give it a try someday. I learnt that when I choose to, I can be someone’s shining light on a gloomy day. My heart felt full.A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities

Sunday, April 20, 2019

Day 7 and another day for a kind act. I thought hard about what kindness to give today. I thought I would do something in the school. I could not find something to do for my fellow students so I decided to help the staff. So I picked the cleaning staff and helped mop floors. Students who know me thought I was crazy. I realized that I have been in the same position a lot of times in my life at the school. I hardly even look at the janitor twice. Today, my ignorance was on the chopping board. I worked with them and we shared stories as we cleaned. I heard the stories of their lives and families of their loneliness and happiness. I hardly realized how much time had gone by. I learnt that everyone has a story to tell and they appreciate a great ear. As I reflected the events of the day, I realized that the biggest kindness I had performed that day was not cleaning but listening. I learnt that people always need someone to listen to them and not even provide solutions but someone to share their troubles and joys. This experience has taught me that kindness is about the little acts. If you can perform a grand one like paying someone’s tuition then it is okay. But if all one can afford is a smile and service, then it is also okay. It is important to do the best of what one can.




I learnt that I am stronger than I think. I learnt that I hardly utilize my strengths until I was challenged by this exercise to be proactive about using my strengths wisely. I know better.A Journal Showing my Strength Oriented Activities