Personal Reflection on the Entire Semester in I101

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SECTION 2: Personal Reflection
This will be similar to the midterm paper. We want to you think back over the entire semester and highlight some areas that were of interest to you. If you completed all of your lecture checks, you already have a head start on this!

This section should be a 3-4 page personal reflection essay on your entire semester in I101. We want you to hone in on at least 2 general topics/areas that you enjoyed (that you did not write about in your midterm paper).

What can we look forward to in this paper? Properly introduce the paper as a whole.

You can do a mix-and-match of several topics that you enjoyed the most or target a particular lab or lecture that you enjoyed. You can also select a topic and extend on it to real-world examples and the like as you did in weekly lecture checks (although you MAY NOT reuse lecture check material). Your essay should be substantially based on a mix of course lectures, online lectures, and/or labs. You are welcome to use other resources that you research but this is a personal reflection on what YOU have learned in the class.

As mentioned in the “research requirements” listed at the top of this assignment, you should include at least 2 lecture citations FOR THIS SECTION in addition to the other research you have gathered – just find something to use in your essay to support your writing and what you are trying to say. Please use MLA citation (in-line too!)

Answer the following questions in this portion of your essay:
What were two topics that you really enjoyed from this semester?
What about each topic grabbed your attention?
Have you explored each topic outside of class?
If so, how? What did you do?
If not, what parts of the topic might you enjoy exploring further? How might you explore them?
What was the most challenging topic to you? Either subject matter, philosophically, ethically, etc…?
How do you feel that this class has shaped your everyday life and how your view and use technology?

Wrap up your paper – summarize it. This section should provide a nice end to your paper.

Topics you can choose:
real digital
human computer interaction
future tech



It is strange to think that the entire semester is over. It seems like yesterday I was starting a new semester with strangers in the classroom. The course I was sitting for was also alien to me. However, as the semester draws to an end, I have gained not only new friends but also a new understanding of technology and how it affects our lives. This paper describes my reflections of the entire semester in i101. The course has been informative, challenging, and exciting in all aspects. Most of the information I learned in this course was alien at first, but now I can describe the intricate details of concepts such as robotics, human-computer interactions, and future tech. These technologies are a reflection of what the future holds for society regarding technology. What I learned paints a picture of a future dominated by technology (Nuwer). At first, it all seemed like science fiction, but the new understanding I gained of these technologies reveal that it is possible for us to have a society that I characterized by humans interacting with machines as one unit (Nuwer). In this paper, I will discuss my reflections on robotics and future technologies. These two areas were most exciting and challenging in all aspects. They also gave me a sneak preview of the future of technology and the position human beings will play in it.
Imagine the world that is controlled by technology. That future is not far off. We are already experiencing the effects of drones in our lives. Companies like Google are working on developing smart vehicles that will self-drive: no need for drivers. I wonder what will happen to all the cab drivers in our country when such technological breakthroughs become mainstream. That is what future technology is all about. The future technology unit was particularly interesting. It described the technological concepts that are designed to change the world. The course describes things that sound fictional yet realistic (Selinger and Hartzog). It provided me with a general understanding of technology and the role human beings play in making these technological concepts a reality. The unit of future technology entailed informative research