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Are there other websites that offer cheap essays?

Opting to buy cheap essays online is a splendid solution when you are in a fix. There are numerous services that claim to offer cheap academic papers. Some may be legitimate but others may be out to scam people. It is worth establishing the credibility of a website before you purchase their services. Some of the distinguishing features include;

  • Price

Cheap essay is a relative term. This is because there is a certain agreed cost per page by legitimate websites. Any essay writing service provider that charges less than 10usd per page is probably out to scam you. This is because professional essay writers must have the basic minimum of a Bachelor’s in their academic field. This therefore means that a professional paper writer can’t go below a certain price per page for a paper. Apart from the price of the academic papers, there are some other aspects that you should not ignore such as:

  • Uniqueness and originality of the papers
  • The quality of the papers
  • Papers written to the required specifications and requirements.

When looking for essay writing service providers online to buy cheap essays, look out for;

  • The company’s reputation. You might wonder how to check this out, but it is very easy. First of all, make sure you pay attention to the kind of feedback customer’s give about the company. The feedback can be in the form of general reviews about the company or about the quality of the orders completed. It is evident that a well-written and high-quality paper delivered to the client will always receive some positive feedback in return. You can also go a notch higher and read comments and reviews posted by clients on the company’s blog. If the feedback is satisfactory, then you can comfortably ascertain that the online writing service is reputable and trustworthy.
  •   Payment options. What most of the reliable writing services are about is having their clients satisfied with their orders and secure payment options. Some companies allow for payment immediately the order has been placed while others keep the money on hold until the client is completely satisfied with the academic paper.