Raw Notes

The person of my choice is a young lady who appears to be in her thirties.  She is the participant in my study.  The reason behind the selection of the lady is the presence of the numerous shopping bags that I spotted as she packed her car, outside Walmart Supermarket, an indication that she will be doing a big shopping.

At around 5 P.M, I follow the lady as she enters Walmart Supermarket. At the entrance, I realize that approximately 20 people are entering the supermarket at the same time. While inside the supermarket, these are the observations that I made;

  • The young woman picks a trolley and starts pushing as she moves around.
  • AS I follow the lady, I notice a man who enters the supermarket and picks a newspaper and heads straight to the cashier to make payments.
  • My focus lady stands at the first shelf and starts examining the names written on the items that she wants to buy.
  • She is standing in the product tag labeled ” Perfumes.”
  • She carefully takes and compares different writings in different commodities
  • She then places one item in the trolley
  • Before she leaves, she looks up the shelf and takes a different perfume and puts it inside the trolley
  • She pushes the trolley and goes to the next stop.
  • The shelf is labeled “body lotions.” There are various people in this section, notably young ladies who seem to be surveying which product to purchase.
  • She takes some time here, finally leaves without taking either of the lotions.
  • She pushes the trolley to the foodstuff corner. There are many people in this section. Several of them appear like they are couples (A man is pushing a trolley that is almost full of products while the woman is doing a survey thinking of what to buy next). She puts five packets of maize floor and puts them in the trolley. They then move slowly as they survey the commodities.
  • Our participant, the young lady, keenly compares different brands and prices. Finally, picks several packets of rice and maize flour
  • Pushing her trolley, the next stopover is the shelf labeled “cooking oil.”
  • Without hesitation picks two 5 liter jerricans, and puts them in the trolley
  • She pushes her trolley to the end labeled “Promotion, buy one get one free.” There are about fifteen people in this part of the supermarket all surveying the price of the commodities. Many of them are seen picking and parking the items in the trolley.
  • Enquires a lot from the attendant, picks three packets of yogurt with three more promotion ones
  • Leaving her trolley picks a small shopping basket heading to the clothes sections.
  • Tries fitting and comparing several ladies tops.
  • Picks 3 tops, put them in the small basket, carries and later transfer them to the trolley
  • Pushes the trolley to the cashier; making the payment via her shopping card.
  • Helped by the attendant to park in her car, thanks to the attendant and leaves.
  • The supermarket is well-organized with flowers at the entrance of the grocery store
  • The products that have similar uses are put on the same shelf
  • The most expensive items are arranged in places where it is easy for them to be seen
  • Various tags are indicating the don’ts while one is in the supermarket
  • The supermarket has a customer care person in each section