Personal Journal

Day 1: Took my time to go through the various nutritional sites and readings. These would enable me to come up with the best way forward. I looked at the diet and exercise plans. From my readings, I came across a 30-day exercise plan that I decided to follow through.

Day 2: I woke up in the morning and did home exercises for 30 minutes before I went to the showers. I had planned to go and jog in the morning but woke up late. During my lunch break, I had a salad. I also drunk a lot of water as a way of dealing with toxins. I was too tired in the evening that I decided to have take out. Had small fries and a milk shake.

Day 3: I had no prior commitments so I woke up at 6 am and went for my morning run. I ran for 45 minutes and came back and did a 15-minute home exercise. Took a shower then relaxed as I read a book. I went to the grocery store to buy healthy foods. These were vegetables and foods that were low in cholesterol. I had pasta for lunch and decided not to put cheese as a way of reducing my fat intake.

Day 4: I had a busy day and could not wake up ad go for my morning jog or home exercises. Had to do my assignments and attend class. However, I ensured that I took a lot of water throughout the day. Took a diet coke and a burger for lunch.

Day 5: It was also a busy day and it was difficult for me to go through my plans. I talked to a friend of mine who is into fitness and he recommended that I go to the gym if I want to go through my fitness plans. We went to a neighboring gym and we I enrolled.

Day 6: I went to the gym, went for aerobics and some cardio exercise. Made a smoothie and was able go home and rest.

Day 7: Woke up with muscle crumps and therefore was unable to go to the gym or exercise. Took a healthy meal throughout the day.

Day 8: Went to the gym and went for cardio but for only 30 minutes because I had to rush to class.

Day 9: Was able to go through the day’s home exercise plan because I was unable to go to the gym. Took salad for lunch and a diet coke.

Day 10: Was able to go to the gym with my friends and we did group exercises. We took time to go for yoga as a way of ensuring that we are able to exercise even our brains. At this point I had gotten used to the gym and had very minimal cases of muscle cramps.









I looked at Mandy Oaklander and Heather Jones’ article on seven benefits of Exercise. From their findings, they reiterated the importance of exercise in everybody’s life (Oaklander & Heather, 2016). They recommended that we should always go through an average of 150 minutes of exercise per week. These are exercises that deal with both the strengths and the cardiovascular parts of our bodies. However, they brought 7 main changes in the body that we may not be aware of.

  1. Great for the Brain

Exercise enables us to deal with the issues surrounding the brain. Better memory and cognitive development. In addition, it helps to deal with issues such as depression. It helps in the development of new neurons which ensures that the broken brain cells are repaired from degeneration

  1. Better moods

When we exercise, we are happier and in better moods. These include exercise such as jogging and cycling. It is because it leads to the production of certain chemicals in the brain. These include, serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine. These chemicals help in the emotions and further the functioning of the brain.

  1. Slows aging

When one exercises the rate at which their cells age slows. This is because exercise increases the levels of the molecules protecting the telomeres which slows the aging at the cellular level.

  1. Makes the skin look better

Due to the constant supply of blood to the vessels, our skins will look better if we exercise. In addition, it helps to increase the number of capillaries to the skin making blood supply to be bettered.

  1. Helps to take control of the blood levels and the heart rates

We should only do exercise for few minutes and we can deal with the problems of blood sugar and other cardio-vascular diseases.

  1. Better recovery

When we are ill, exercises help us to heal from illnesses such as stroke and other cerebral diseases. Therefore, it is important during rehabilitation

  1. Reduces Fat cells

The body burns the fats in the body because our bodies will have a greater ability to deal with the fat deposits. Our metabolism is better and our cardiovascular system is strengthened. The fat cells shrink therefore the cases of inflammation reduce.



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