A teacher directed the film, “Fear and Learning Hoover at Elementary schools.” The video talks about the pending unequal treatment by some children in the elementary schools because their parents are immigrants who are undocumented. To that end, the film condemns the California regulation that seeks to discriminate any person who has not registered with the immigration department. An undocumented immigrant, according to the policy should not be accorded health care services or allowed to have access to public education. This law has led to the learners such as Marya to read in fear. The girl comes from a poor background whereby they live in a small house with her mother and her uncle. Her situation is similar to the majority of the students in Hoover school who are faced with the same challenges. Therefore, if the law becomes operational, it will have a detrimental effect on the majority of the students because no one in the federal government understands the struggles that some of the children in Hoover from the undocumented parents undergo. It is even made worse by the fact that the teachers do not have a say in what policies are formed by the federal government. Simon, a tutor at Hoover, tries to create awareness of the existence of this scenario at Hoover through the creation of a collage that illustrates the struggles of the kids.

I give credit to the director of this film because of the application of relevant arguments about why the immigration policy should not be included in the public education sector of the United States. She backs her discussions through the use of various examples that demonstrate that the use of the law is barbaric to the students who come from poor backgrounds such as Marya.

In conclusion, I think that the director of this film has done an excellent job by showing the world that the existence of a regulation that bars children from having access to public education is detrimental to the kids by the use of the collages that were formed by Simon.