The art represent a traditional dance where, subject on the art is a figure of a man who is dressed in traditional attire set for the dance. The art is colorful since, the dance described is the best and representing a specific dance in a traditional community. The eagle dance Hopi is a vigorous and a lively dance which provokes the viewer to want more about it. The dancer is well conversant with his culture starting from dressing, colors and the dance itself. The costume jewelry decorates the dancer and shows the personality in the performer.

The picture has the representation of a bird with huge wings of an eagle. The spear on the hand also is an icon which speaks more about the picture. The man is symbolically dressed like a warrior to show his proficiency and determination. The wings are used figuratively to represent the great motions and flexibility of the dancer. The scrutiny of the art leads to the idea about how the dance described is valued and colorfully validated. The dance is one of the best which is valued by the community and it demonstrates and gives the picture of a traditional culture. Hopi Culture is therefore the main message in the art.

As Pertaining the appearance of the artistic work, the beauty is well linked with the dance as the colorful appearance starts by giving the dance a good image and how interesting it is. The magnificence appearance also beautifies the culture including the song and the moves. The work of art is connected to my day to day personal life where, my culture is valued through dance and songs and beauty. Despite change and diversity in culture, dance and vibrant wear can translate more about who you are and the personality in oneself. I also advocate the use of symbols in speaking out the idea of beauty in my culture. The idea was clearly brought out by the artistic work since; the portrait described the dance without the motion seen. The beauty of the dance, song and skills of the dancer is also seen through the look of the fine art.