The advertisement by Coca-Cola “Taste the Feeling of Summer” has been used to lure beach-goers into purchasing a Coca-Cola drink whenever they are enjoying themselves at the beach. The advertisement demographic settings, activities and perception created have been used to convey a strong message that indeed one has to purchase the product while at the beach.


The advert depicts the following demographics:

  1. Target income class: the advert portrays a product which is loved by middle icome earners.
  2. Target Age-group: The product appeals to teenagers and young adults as depicted in the advertisement: perhaps those between 15 and 35 years.
  3. Target Gender: the advertisement used a group of adults and teenagers of both sexes, meaning the product has a commercial appeal to both men and women.
  4. Marital status: The product targets a market with single school going students, having fun together as friends.
  5. Education level: The product appeals more to those people who are in high school, college and universities.


The following psychographic information can be construed from the advertisement:

  1. Lifestyle: The product’s target audience is a population which is interested in an entertaining, recreational and pleasurable lifestyle. Definitely, such will want to refresh themselves with a drink. The advert shows beach goers having a positive attitude towards Coca-Cola and loving the feeling. Thus the drink is showcased as the perfect choice for people with a partying lifestyle.
  2. Values: The target audience for the product values time with a group of friends as well as socialization. As depicted by the ad, the partakers are in groups of twos, fours or even larger. A perception is created that the product is also a basis for socialization with is the source of special moments.
  3. Interests: The product lovers tend to be more interested with fun, thrills and quality refreshment. They are interested in spending quality time with friends. Coca-Cola offers exactly that. A time spent with friends while enjoying the drink is showcased as unforgettable.
  4. Personality traits: Coca-Cola is associated with outgoing party-loving personalities. The people in the ad are dressed in beachwear and are easy to get along. The product is ideal for people with this kind of personality.
  5. Attitude: The product is an item of love. It is taken by friends, couples, family and brings them all together in the name of love. As portrayed by the ad, a loved one can by a beloved the product as a gift to show love.

Message conveyed

The advertisement is used to create the perception that coolness and special moments come about at the beach by taking Coca-Cola. It shows friends enjoying themselves at the beach but Coca-Cola being the center of their smiles. The product is also portrayed as a tasty fizzy drink noted by the enjoyment in the beach-goers’ faces. It is the source of fun, thrills, confidence and refresh. The advertisement gives you the notion that from dawn to sunset, Coca-Cola is what you need at the beach.