Instruction System Design (ISD) Model is a tool used by instructional designers and human performance technologist to develop instruction systematically. These models – in the simplest sense – are used to ensure that instruction is not developed in a haphazard manner. The development of quality instruction does not happen on accident and there are established procedures to assure the instruction meets needs and goals of learners. My project is teaching English language as a second language via twitter to Saudi students on scholarship to the USA.

My project can be analyzed by the business need which is to make money from twitter while teaching.  The learning process will define the desired business in the number of students I will be able to attract. My performance requirements that support the business will depend on number of views. The English language language must be learned by the Saudi students because they need to thrive in this new nation. The standards set is for the students to effectively express themselves in this new language. The learning process will occur online through twitter interactions. It is the students that need to improve on their current scores.

At the end of each project the learners will be able to carry out their assignments with ease in communication. The students will be encouraged to contribute towards grammar checks, to build on their vocabulary. I will use a Cognitive Task Analysis and encourage learners to participate in interviews where I can grade their progress. To enroll as a student one only has to know how to use twitter and have the passion to improve on their language. The project will be structured so that only one subject is discussed for a particular time.

The developmental stage will involve listing the student activities such as grammar checks, vocabulary building and the language structure. The delivery system is twitter interactions. To master the skill, students will be required to be interactive as possible on the social platform.

Implementation will involve unveiling the twitter handle the students will use to interact with their peers and instructors as well. The twitter handle will have the ability to attract advertisers looking to sell their items to my followers and I can aim to make some good money as a result.

ROI is calculated by simply taking the gain of an investment, subtracting the cost of the investment and dividing the total by the cost of the investment.

ROI= (Gains- Cost) /Cost

Gain- the money generated by the tweet in terms of views and clicks.

Cost- no cost

The business therefore is all profit depending on how good you are with garnering views, clicks and number of followers. This can be done in a variety of ways. One of the ways is tweet peddling by pricing your tweets and getting paid by advertisers. Get compensated for quality clicks and views from each click by using My Likes Publisher.

I can also set up a Account where an advertiser that likes my customer numbers can use it for advertising and I get paid for it.