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The article, ” Reading Thematically Related Texts to Develop Knowledge And Comprehension” talks about the strategies that should be employed by instructors to ensure that there are a proper engagement and reading experience by their learners.

Purpose of the Article

  • The paper aims to give the procedures of describing the process that should be employed in the development of the texts that are thematically related.
  • A literacy intervention research was conducted among the students at the intermediate level who were struggling in the reading process. The ideal examples obtained from this analysis have been employed in giving the teachers the step by step procedures of using themes to sequence books.
  • To that end, various approaches were identified for the accomplishment of ensuring that the children do not have reading problems.
  • The strategies are explained below.

The Interactive Strategies Approach (ISA)

  • This strategy is appropriate for the implementation in the primary schools where the students have a high probability of encountering reading problems.
  • The approach is vital to the learners because it guides them on how to employ code-and –meaning-strategies which are imperative in ensuring that they have an understanding of various words in a comprehension and thus assist them in vocabulary reading.
  • The success of ISA led to the interactive strategies approach-extended (ISA-X) which is vital in assisting the grades 3-7 students who are struggling in their reading process. The ISA-X approach ensures that there is accuracy in the reading by the students which further boosts their vocabulary in the reading process.

Simpler Texts to Develop Self-Efficacy: Learning That “As a Reader, I Can Learn New Information”

  • This approach requires that the teachers should review a text before reading takes place with the objective of identification of critical areas so that the instructor can give the students the meaning of the various words. This is important because the learners see the teacher as an expert in vocabulary building.

Multiple Texts to develop knowledge that Supports Reading

  • Here, it is essential for a learner to continue the reading process in more problematic fictional texts about a particular topic. This approach offers the reader an opportunity to practice the acquired vocabulary.

Using Narrow Topics to Quickly Develop Knowledge That Supports Reading

  • The most straightforward strategy to help in the development of knowledge that would be critical in the reading process is to have mini-themes that have traits such as focus and repetition. Besides, the mini-themes should be full of ideas and vocabulary.

Developing Knowledge to Support the Reading of a Culminating Text

  • Here, the students should be encouraged to have exposure to various vocabularies which should assist them in the understanding of the concepts that may be available in an abstract.

Develop Genre Knowledge through Thematically Related Texts

  • Here, the genre should be taken into consideration when the students are involved in the reading of various multiple texts because the presentation of information in different ways offers support to the writing skills of the students.

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