Social Media and Loyalty Programs to elevate London Drugs

London Drugs was founded in 1945 and has since grown to have seventy-five stores in more than thirty-five major marts throughout Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Included in the company’s stores is its online store www.londondrugs .com. The company offers its customers a vast array of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, cameras, televisions and computers. Renowned for its creative and innovative approach to retailing, London Drugs employs more than seven thousand five hundred individuals with health care and pharmacy services being the heart of the business. With a resounding commitment to superior customer service and innovation, London Drugs has established itself as a caring and reputable company with high prospects of growth and development.

According to Lindsay Meredith, a marketing professor at SFU’s Beedie School of Business, London Drugs is particularly good at selling commodities that require immense direct customer interaction. Theses exchanges build relationship marketing, that is, relationships between individuals that are based on interaction, trust and consideration. In this regard, social media and loyalty programs are not only cost-effective avenues for growth and development but also ventures that guarantee customer loyalty and increase in sales for all the products that London Drugs offers. For instance, the company has launched a novel Photolab website that enables customers to login and access images from Flickr, Picasa, Google+ and Facebook social media accounts to build a variety of customized photo items. According to Wayne Powell, CEO and president of London Drugs “We’re giving customers more meaningful ways to preserve memories from their digital photo albums on social media accounts.” Some of the online customized products that have already experienced success are:

  • Personalized Christmas Ornaments that include unique details such as names, holiday greetings, photos and special dates on various ornament shapes and are available from as low as $6.99.
  • Photo Books that enable people to create their professional quality photo books and send them to London Drugs Photolab where they are professionally color corrected, printed and bound at a cost of only $34.00 for hardcover.
  • Photo Gifts of custom-made photo keepsakes such as ceramic tiles, t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, pillow cases and jewelry boxes among others available from as lows as $6.99.

Consumer research on pain points regarding loyalty revealed that customers do not like when points change in value or are degraded and when offers become too generic even after they have relayed their personal information. The solution to this problem is having a formidable loyalty program. Luckily London Drugs has already set the platform for loyalty programs through its novel national LDExtras program. This loyalty program rewards members with various benefits including $50,000 worth of dream experiences. The extremely cost-effective loyalty programs venture for London Drugs in addition to online business and marketing through social media and website will guarantee a steady flow of revenue from loyal customers in an incessantly changing market dynamic.