I have positive feelings towards Self-Assessment. It feels like the one thing that has been missing in my academics as well as career exploits. The introduction to S-A was an eye opener and I would gladly share with others the information that they may need so badly, to cure their problems.

The various tools or methods provided keys towards unlocking potential. The S-A learning experience was good because the various tutors provided a step by step tuition on how to be effective in self-assessment. I can effectively apply Self-Assessment. I learnt that There is always a silver lining in most problems that require solving. The best part of being on the rock bottom is that going up is the only other option. The experience was all roses, no bad experience.

The new knowledge acquired involves the use of a rubric, questions, checklists and presentations as tools for effectively completing the process. It was refreshing to know of ways to improve my work and the importance of self-gratification once you learn that you did something right.  It is rare for students to immediately understand that a teacher means well to correct them but once they do the correction themselves, much more is achieved. Before the study, the S-A concept was not really understood. Few individuals knew that S-A is capable of achieving great results. I also learnt that it can be incorporated in all spheres of life such as career growth, in communities and organized self-help groups. By setting clear expectations and checking if you met them at the end of the session, only then can you know how much you grasped. S-A ensures lifelong learning. It is also new to me that self-assessment is not necessarily grading yourself to award you an A but it’s a technique to turn your weaknesses to strengths. I will use the different tools such as checklists and rubrics to assess all my assignments hence forth. I will always check to see that my assignment has met the goals or expectations the lecturer required of the work given.

Following the new knowledge gained,  I intend to make drastic changes to my normal routine. I n previous assignments, priority was given to the finishing of an assignment and handing it in in good time. With this new lease of life, attention will be given to quality first by looking at how best to meet the set standards. I have always set new year resolutions that I did not keenly follow up, that will change because I have various tools at my disposal to make a turn around. I intend to make my school projects a spectacle worth anyone’s time. The journey to the career of my dreams just got easier and received a massive make over. By employing a checklist, my to do list will daily get an upgrade on the achievements necessary for that day.

Self- assessment has worked for this particular assignment and future ones will be undertaken with a new mentality.