Coming out of the closet-While planning to attend Dr. Battles seminar, ‘Coming out of the closet’, I thought his focus was going to be his own experience as a gay person. However, it was about to emerge that like his name, he was a man that had fought battles for his research. The man standing before us shared how he has been treated at work, on projects and other schools reaction to his seminars. It has not been all rosy.

It was a good experience learning from him because he delivered his seminar in funny quotes, a positive and outgoing personality and he was engaging to create a comfortable environment for learning. The bad side of the experience was realizing just how ignorant I have been as a person towards other people’s lives.

There was a lot that was new to me. I didn’t know just how large and inclusive the LGBTQ community was.  Dr. Battle’s hypothesis and theory was also an eye opener. His research is basically about race in relation to the community as a non-pathological study analyzing happiness and mental wellbeing. He hypothesizes that the rich are hardly coming out because they uphold a higher class of themselves yet more poor folk are admitting to belonging to LGBTQ. His findings show that African American happiness was directly linked to their mom and church approval while Latino happiness was the family approval.

After such an eye opening seminar, I intend to be more supportive of people that are coming out because at times it’s a burden for them. I intend to stop fuelling to the segregation that is pitting classes against each other. Poor as well as rich lives matter. I may not be able to do a lot, action wise but I will lend a listening ear to those that need it.