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What do the Poems of Nedim Reveal about Love?

The poems of Nedim reveal to us various aspects of love. To begin with, Nedim points out that it is heartbreaking for someone not being able to be with the person that they are in love with. He informs us of this feature through saying how much he is missing the girl he is in love with. By this, he also gives us the tips about the events that have highlighted the modern world. Typically, it is disheartening when people lose their lovers either through death or break-ups.

Besides, another feature of love that we learn from Nedim’s poem is that love involves jealousness. This is demonstrated by Nedim’s view that he is ashamed that his rival would smell that “silver neck unveiled.” It is a clear demonstration that he is envious that his lover may be snatched from him. Thus, we can conclude that the existence of love triggers some negative emotions that are observable in the modern world.

Equally, Nedim’s poems tell us that people who are in love treasure each other. This is indicated by the eye-catching descriptions that he uses for his lover. For instance, he compares the mouth of his lover with that of a rosebud and claims that he would get the smell of wine. The imagery” wine” is a clear indication that being in love implies being rich and thus a man in love should consider the woman as a valuable resource that should not have substitutes.

Similarly, Nedim’s poems point out that when individuals are in love, they should never give up on each other. It is because he compares love to wine by posing a question, “In this time of the rose, we are both ashamed, ashamed for having given up wine, my heart?”

From the above discussions, it is clear from Nedim’s poems that love is attributed to some special features. Key among these features are; love is disheartening, love is jealousness, and that love is treasured.