Past Present and Future


Born at a time where women were thought of only as subjects to men or nurturers that were to sit at home and take care of their families, Valentina was busy making a legend out of herself. She is a woman that defied the odds to rise up the ranks and make a suitable contribution regarding space. She was the first woman to experience the outer terrestrial domains. She spent three days in space completing 48 orbits of earth, having fought for her spot among 400 applicants and five finalists. Her achievements are highly attributed to her early beginnings in parachuting where she was a professional sky diver.

‘A bird cannot fly with one wing,’ Valentina Tereshkova. This came from a strong woman that fully believed that ‘Human space flight cannot develop further without active participation of women,’ sentiments she shared after her experience in space. This is a woman that paved way for other young women in a field heavily dominated by males. She is the epitome of grace and hard work, of a lady that did not sit pretty but worked hard to defend her reputation. She studied at Zhukov Sky Force Academy where she graduated with distinction. She also graduated with a Doctorate in engineering again emerging as a passionate and bright woman worth her turf.

In today’s world, there is still a huge gap for women in politics. Politics is still a ‘dirty game’ dominated by the male folk and very few powerful women dare to get their feet wet. Valentina flourished in the areas of life she was most limited. She spread her political wings and qualified to serve her people in different capacities. 1966-1974 she serves as Member of Parliament. 1969-1991, she was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.1997 saw her retire from the Russian Air Force and Cosmonaut Corps by presidential order having been a faithful servant of her state.

Valentina won numerous government awards for her heroism and hard work, dedicated efforts and never dying resolve to do her best. There are numerous Facebook and YouTube videos to support this, which are not only reliable but credible. Writers have also not shied away from writing a book that features a prominent woman of her time. She has seven books in print showing just how much of a super woman she represented. All these are available for consumption at Valentina did not shy away from mother hood or marriage and was married to a fellow space explorer, Andriyan Nikolayev and later to Yuliy G. Shaposhnikov. She had a daughter she named Elena who was th first human being born to parents that had both experienced outer space. Elena created a lot of interest from the medicine world who were keen on what effects if any that may be attributed to space. She later also became a doctor.

Valentina is a woman of many firsts and a competent woman that was never shy of excellence. She is a person that made many fits of the impossible and is the epitome of just how far women can go with a will to strive and carve a niche in their areas of interest. A woman that has managed more than 50 awards is definitely, one most determined. She is beacon of hope for young girls around the world on what can be achieved.


Born at a time where women were thought of only as subjects to men or nurturers


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