Transition from the Traditional Materials to the Use of Digital Learning in the teaching of  Traffic Signs to the Students in the Middle Schools

There are two kinds of teaching materials that can be used in the education of social studies to the children in the middle schools. These types are the traditional and the digital materials. The digital materials entail the application of the modern technology in the teaching of Social studies concepts. For instance, the application of ipads and the internet in the teaching practices. On the other hand, the traditional materials refer to the ways such as the use of paper and oral instruction that were being used before the recent innovations in technology to teach social studies.

Digital technology is vital because it has a variety of uses. For instance, the approach is used in teaching, management of information, collection of data and may be used for playing online games. Several studies have been carried out by numerous researchers with the objective of evaluating how digital affects the delivery of instructions to the students in the classroom. The primary focus of these studies has been the determination of how digital technology enables the students to develop critical skills which will allow them to collaborate with others. However, other types of research have been carried out to determine how the technology allows the learners to gather information that allows them to attain the goals of social studies.

Digital technology is associated with various benefits. For instance, it leads to higher degrees of creativity among the students. Besides, it drives engagement in the classroom by the students. However, some obstacles may deter the use of digital technology. These challenges may include people resisting the application of the technology and the teachers who are poorly professionally developed.

Traditional methods of technology do not have a variety of benefits. Therefore, it is imperative to allow for the transition of the traditional methods of teaching to the digital technology. This is particularly important in the teaching of signs. For instance, digital technology can be utilized in the learning of traffic signs. It is significant because it is going to impact the society positively. Students will be able to observe various diagrams of the signs and therefore be able to figure out their implications in real life situations. To that end, we may have a fewer number of road accidents. The only challenge of this transition may be that a lot of money is required for the purchase of the technology.