Past Present and Future

Keeping Up with Ageing Societies

The UN has set aside first October as the day to celebrate the aged people all over the world. It is during this day that people appreciate all the efforts that the elderly individuals have put in different sectors to see the community that is admirable. The ISO standards that are good to the elderly people can help in finding long lasting solutions to the problems posed by these aging communities. The ISO 13482 was designed to assist people with tasks around their homes thereby helping aged to lead high quality life as well as living independently. This directions are directed by the goal of providing a suitable environment for proper growth of individuals.

It also has the ISO 37101 that helps the society in making supportive decisions for the social participation of all citizens. It also offers the International Workshop Agreement IWA 18 that helps in curbing health care as well as social disparities thereby making sure that the daily needs of every person is always met in their old age. The standards provided by the UN are designed to make sure that all the goods and services are available, reachable, safe, and they are of great value to the users. The ISO 9001 is always used by those who offer services to the aged demographics in ensuring that they have a better and peaceful life (Heras, 271). ISO also takes care of the needs and problems that affect the people in their old age while making rules and standards which can be credited to ISO/IEC Guide 71. Keeping Up with Ageing Societies

Tribalism came into play during the colonial rule. The divide and rule formula ensured that the colonialist attained their objectives. This made more people to identify themselves based on their tribal lanes. The immense developments of social groups in Asia, which were deemed to be historical were assumed to be tribal. Studies posit that these developments majorly emanated from the ethnic backgrounds, geographic locations, linguistics variations and political inclination. Most modern states have been in the quest to ensure that they establish rules and regulations that will be able to eradicate tribalism within the society. In Asia for instance, it has been revealed that tribal affiliations have been the greatest impediment to the development of most states. However, there have been some treaties advanced by the international labor organizations which were majorly out to protect the interests of the indigenous and the sons of the soil. Furthermore, education has been a fundamental tool in ensuring that tribalism is brought to a halt.


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