Past Present and Future

What have you learned about Native Americans in Mississippi?

I have learned that the Native Americans had a strong cultural heritage as evidenced by the presence of the mounds on the landmarks. The mounds symbolized burial grounds for the most influential people in the society. An ideal example of this is the Boyd site that is one the oldest mounds. On the hand, the mounds also served as the residential places of the chiefs. Also, the mounds formed a ground for the construction of temples.

The mounds also acted were also seen as having different meanings to the individuals who built them. For instance, some of the societies in the US saw the moods as a god, Mother Earth, who was regarded as the “giver of life.” The mounds were also used by the tribes to identify their identity.

However, the number of newly-built mounds was in decline because of the diseases which were introduced by the first Europeans. The diseases took several lives of the Native Americans hence affecting the construction of the mounds. Today the mounds are protected because they are owned by the government agencies. However, some of the mounds are on the private land, and therefore they have been damaged through looting. I have also learned that the lower parts of Mississippi were highly developed with good infrastructure, and cultural centers.

Besides, it has also dawned on me that the Native Americans in Mississippi were the Indians. The Indians had settled in the place because they found it suitable because of the presence of fertile soils and warm climate. To that end, it follows that the Ancient Americans were agriculturalists.


What should you teach a 4th Grader about Native Americans in Mississippi?

I would teach a 4th Grader that there are various ways in which the Native Americans in Mississippi expressed their cultures. Key among them was the construction of the mounds which symbolized many things. For instance, the mounds were homes to chiefs and were also burial grounds to the prominent members of the society.

From there, I would go on to let the students have an understanding of the mound through drawing of a pyramid picture that resembles the mounds. I will then continue to let them know what areas in Mississippi to find the mounds. Similarly, I would enlighten them on the significance of preserving the mounds. Above all, I would let the learners have an understanding that various rituals were conducted by the Native Americans in Mississippi. One of the rituals is that the mounds were viewed as worshipping centers by the different tribes in Mississippi. For instance, they symbolized the god who is a giver of life

 What have you learned about Native Americans in Mississippi?

What other questions do you have?

The questions that I have are;

  1. What is the economic significance of having the mounds in Mississippi?
  2. On average, how many people visit Mississippi per year?

What have you learned about Native Americans in Mississippi?


What types of the themes of social studies can students learn?

The types of Social Studies themes that students can learn from the story of Native Americans in Mississippi are numerous. To begin with, the learners will be able to learn the theme of culture whereby they are informed of the various cultural practices that were observed by the different tribes in Mississippi. For instance, the students are notified of the various archeological activities that took place in Mississippi and indicated various artifacts that showed a way of life of the people who used to stay in the place. An ideal example of this would be the discovery of the tombs that indicated that the members of the Native Americans buried their beloved ones.

Similarly, another type of a social study theme that the students learn from the Native Americans of Mississippi is time, continuity and change. This theme captures how the things that took place in the past have affected the events of today. For instance, the mounds are seen as tourist attractions in the modern world. It is contrary to what they were viewed in the past, where they were perceived as having various roles.

Besides, there is also the theme of individuals, Groups, and societies. Here, we learn how the Native Americans carried out their day to day activities including how they constructed their mounds.

Other social studies themes that we learn from the Native Americans in Mississippi are; People places and environment (for instance, where we learn how the fertile lands and warm climate attracted the Indians) and Civic ideals and the Practices where we are informed of the presence of the chiefs who controlled the affairs of the some of the tribes of the Native Americans.