Past Present and Future

Environment and social studies -The themes talk about the past which shapes today; this past revolves around the historical issues which has shaped our current life. The environment also is taken as the important aspect of social studies as it shapes our character and culture. It also helps us to tress the origin of our beliefs and culture. Individual development also is shaped by the identity, culture and a group hence what one grows with it develops as a basis of his thinking. The institution one grows up in also affect aspects in one’s development. People are shaped by the institution, family and religion.

Despite the culture and traits of individuality themes in social study helps one to know about the power, authority and governance. Democracy also is the key issue people can learn. This happens as also the individual gets to know his responsibility toward the government. Due to this the just society is formed.

Since resources are the sources of livelihood, social studies pass out the knowledge of equal distribution of resources and various economic systems like trade. This has helped improve the economy and the role of the government in circulation and distribution of goods and services. In relation to the themes in social studies, there is the discussion of technology and its effect both to the current and past world.

Themes of development of civic, ideals and practices are among the main goals of education. It also channels the issue of freedom and rights as stipulated in the governments’ laws. Application of civic ideals and their effect on democracy is also a major issue where, democracy is the key support of the human rights and what ensures good governance in place. The democratic principles are also well analyzed to come up with a specific and appropriate measure for promoting democracy.

Chapter 4 summary

This chapter deal with the themes of social study among the early stages where the culture is learned adopted and brings interaction among people with diverse cultures. The past culture is seen to be shaping the current culture. The institutions also plays a greater role in early development where, the skills are taught, understood interpreted, and develop to shape the world.

The environment also is stated to be the main factor shaping the physical, human characteristics, school and the community at large. The environment is therefore stated as one of the factors influencing community state and region.           Migration and settlement also is studied in details where, it is seen as the factor affecting the cultural pattern. The distinct characteristics from among individuals  is seen as the determining factor in giving one the capability of solving problems and making decisions. Individual choices in various fields are also determined by the personal and the social factors.

Therefore people belong to a group which influences them either positively or negatively. The common elements in an institution also determine how one behaves. This is due to the rules and norms of group which guides the members. The rules and laws also protect the individual rights and put a clear basis on the foundation of a certain law.

The elements of governance also can be acquired in the study during the earlier age so as to enable the learner to know about the liberty, equality and how the government meets the needs of the citizens. The economy is also a key subject where, the effects of economy to citizens are studied and solutions found. Technology being the source of many changes is also a common theme where the effects both, positive and negative is discussed .The use of technology in benefiting individuals is also analyzed. The global connection and the emerging issues which quickens development is also analyzed in detail to ensure the democratic practices done fits the global world and civic state of a country.

Methods used in teaching the standards.

The methods used in teaching social study differ. The concept of culture can be taught using the discussion method where different views are aired and a conclusion is derived from diverse views. The culture of different participants is therefore harmonized into one.

Excursions can also be used in teaching the themes of environmental influence to individuals where people can move from one place to another to see how individuals behave differently in such areas.

To add on that, source method can be used in discussing all the themes since all the information can be found either in written, oral or material source. The idea of technology can be discussed through the material source where, machines can be directly studied. The issue of civic and ideals also can be taught to the learners using the oral method where a resource person is the source of information.

The economy, governance and migration can be found in the text books, the constitution book and other written and printed sources. This can be used as the source of information during teaching.

To sum up all the lecture method can be implemented as way of emphasizing all the ideas and bring more understanding. This can also help in ensuring the information is well gotten and gives room to questions and response from the learners ingratiating environment and social studies in learning process.