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Hiring Medical Consultant

The position of medical consultant provides a link between effective medical leadership and improvement and innovation in service delivery. The person holding the position should be able to engage staff through effective medical leadership in order to maintain morale, wellbeing, and alignment with the vision and values of the organization, with the ultimate aim of delivering positive patients’ experience and high quality care. Among the four candidates who were shortlisted for the position of medical consultant in our organization, I will hire Medica Seles. Seles’ credentials and experience meet the criteria required for medical consultant who is able to assist with sales of the latest health care information technology (HCIT) solutions to a global marketplace.

Seles meets the requirements for this position considering that she has extensive experience of five years as a medical sales consultant. Also, she has demonstrated ability to perform and achieve targets as evidenced by her getting the award of the Sales Consultant of the Year at her last company. Having graduated at the top of her class in Healthcare Informatics, her credentials match the organization’s requirements. As a qualified healthcare informatics consultant, Seles will use her knowledge in electronic health records (HER), medical terminologies, health information exchange standards, and electronic medical records (EMR) to ensure that sales of the latest HCIT solutions are based on sound knowledge that meets clients’ expectations.

Seles is moving to Kansas, where the organization is based, and therefore she will be able to engage in frequent travel and to work with those in the prospective company. The other three candidates do not adequately meet into the organization’s requirements for this position due to factors such as inadequate experience in sales, relatively lower communication competency and inability to travel frequently. Medica Seles is the ideal candidate because she is articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about medical terminology and technology. More importantly, her resume indicates qualities that are essential in delivering the service through ability to effectively manage services, improve services, setting direction, and working with others.Hiring Medical Consultant