Past Present and Future

Digital Photography

Photography is the art and practice of creating images by recording light and other electromagnetic radiations. Normally done either electronically using image sensors or chemically using light-sensitive materials examples of which include: photographic film. Photography has evolved in the recent past with the relative advancement in technology from the days of black and white to now the colored photography. In my field of specialization, I picked digital photography. The technical approaches involved in digital photography and the various options to work make the center of interest for my choice.

Digital photography refers to the form of photography that uses cameras that have arrays of electronic photo detectors to capture images. The capturing images is normally made possible by focusing lens as opposed to exposure on photographic films. Before the dawn of the electronic detectors, photographs used to be made by exposing light sensitive photographic film and paper. The quality of the digital photographs compared to that of those taken by exposing light, is way better in details and appearance.

Digital photography came into existence with the unveiling of the DCS 100 camera by Kodak, the first reflex digital camera with single lens. At that time, its cost preluded its use with no insistence on professional photography but still a few amidst all the challenges, digital photography was born. Unlike the chemical photography which does not allow photo manipulation, the digital photography is flexible, a feature necessary for image post processing. The digital photography platform has been widely adopted especially in the 20th century, with even the smartphones.

Digital photography in general, provides high quality photographs. This has come as a plus in the media department. Movie and song production, the ability to edit photographs allows you to do your production from the comfort of studio without having to go out. Technology indeed, has seen us through miles of transformation.