Past Present and Future

Communication Strategy


I will contact the Mayor, Town Council, the people as well as my staff. To begin with, I will contact the Mayor since he/she is the immediate person that I am answerable to. Immediately afterwards, I would inform the Town Council. Finally, I will also have to inform all my staff about the development. This will include the administrative assistant and the two general laborers. I will also communicate to the public.

My message to the Mayor and the Town Council will be to inform them that we have discovered human remains at the water tower, and this needs to be removed. I will also inform the Town Council and the Mayor that the water well is not currently meeting all the needs of the town. My message to my staff will be to inform them about the development. To the general public I will write to warn them that the water is unfit for consumption at the moment. Additionally, I will apologize for the problem of water scarcity that the residents have been experiencing.

In conveying the message, I will emphasis the need for the body to be removed immediately so that the town people are not affected. To the general public, I will express regret due to water contamination as well as for the shortage.




Town Manager,

Cactus Flats,

12 White Street,



5 August 15


To The General Public


Town Council-The town of Cactus regrets to inform its citizens that the water supplied by the municipal is not fit for human or animal consumption following the discovering of human remains at the main water tower. Following this development the relevant authorities are working around the clock to ensure that clean water is supplied within the shortest time possible.

Moreover, several complaints have been received in the recent past concerning the inconsistent water supply in certain part of the city. This scarcity of water within the town’s locality has been caused by the ever increasing demand for the resource. The authorities are in the process of budgeting for enough availability of water. We kindly ask you to bear with the situation as we work to solve the problem.




Cactus Flats Town Manager