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Medical Cannabis-Working Thesis: Although cannabis is illegal in most of the American states, there are some medical values attributed to the consumption of marijuana.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a drug that is often abused by many individuals both in the United States and the world as a whole. The drug is considered to impact negative adverse effects to the consumers. These effects are often caused by the chemical compounds in the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol and include feelings of euphoria and anxiety. These can be portrayed from the signs and symptoms like increased heart rate, fluctuation of the blood vessels and dilation of the blood vessels and fluctuations of the blood pressure.

Despite the negative adverse effects of cannabis, this drug has also been associated with treating some diseases and improving signs and symptoms to some diseases. The use of cannabis has however not been fully incorporated into the medical field because of the production restrictions associated with the drug and other governmental regulations that are against the use and consumption of the drug. The use of cannabis has also not been rigorously tested scientifically but there are some medical values associated with the consumption of cannabis.

Some of the medicinal values associated with cannabis include the reduction of nausea and vomiting to cancer patients during chemotherapy. The medication that cancer patients are often subjected to have side effects and these side effects can always be reduced by the consumption of cannabis. Cannabis also contains compounds that increase the levels of appetite. The drug is therefore often given to patients with an aim of increasing their appetites. Patients with HIV/AIDS and TB can use cannabis therefore to increase their level of appetite in order to improve on their immunity system. The last medical application of cannabis is its ability to reduce pain. It can be administered to patients with chronic pains and muscle spasms to act as a pain killer.

Despite the illegal government regulations on the consumption of cannabis, the drug also has a couple of medical values to individuals with certain chronic and viral diseases. The consumption of cannabis should therefore be legalised in the medical industry so that patients can benefit from the medical values associated with the consumption of cannabis.