Analysis of the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes


The electronic communication used between individuals and groups is known as communication technology. This enhances communication between people who are not at the same location. With the vast growth in technology, many aspects of our lives has been greatly enhanced by the ease at which various aspects of our daily activities are being carried out. Communication has also been affected by technology in positive ways. This paper analyses importance of communication in technology both business and personal life.

Among the merits of technology in communication is documentation. In the business aspect, documentation is among the key factors used in proof of transactions between the sellers and the buyers. The use of computers has played a vital role in record keeping which acts as a form of documentation. Transaction can hence be retrieved by the use of electronic means or even in print form by the use of photocopiers. With the help of technology, evidence of transactions can availed for prove of any business transaction.

The world can now be viewed as a global market because of the adoption of technology in communication. This is because technology has enabled business communications across different countries. Business managements can hence be conducted within and outside the boundaries of a certain state. Partners from different countries can also communicate despite the vast distance between continent’s and participate in the decision making process of an enterprise. Technology in the very same has also affect d individuals personal lives as friends and relatives can cheaply communicate with their loved ones using the social media networks that are freely available for use.

Communication often involves the passage of information from one party to the other. For efficient communication, information is often expected at the intended time. With the help of technology in terms of IT, information can be efficiently passed between different parties in a fast and reliable way. The same information can also be shared among different interconnected parties with ease thus increasing the flexibility of information passed.

With the help of communication, individuals can therefore manage to pass information and keep evidence of the information in the form of documentation, communicate globally and in a fast and efficient way.