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Ethical principles in nursing practice

Among the six enumerated ethical principles in nursing practice by the American Nurses Association, the two principles that best apply to the candidate’s personal beliefs are autonomy and fidelity (ANA, 2016). To support his or her stance, I also believe in the freedom of choice for the patients regarding their preferred method of treatment. As a nurse tasked with the duty of providing proper health care, it is our responsibility to give detailed information to the patients regarding all the treatment options available to help them in decision-making. I also concur that a nurse should practice fidelity, that is, committing to the patients and upholding the virtue of caring.

Classmate 2 -Ethical principles in nursing practice

The candidate alludes to Westrick’s work to support his or her firm stance on autonomy that enables a patient to maintain uniqueness, values, and character irrespective of the values of the nurse (Westrick & Dempski, 2009). It is imperative to note that this principle is very vital as it gives the patients the entitlement of making decisions given the suitable options for treatment. Another principle that the candidate upholds of which I am in agreement with is the tenet of justice. This principle is also espoused by the American Nurses Association, reiterating the fact that it is the responsibility of nurses to provide equal care to all patients regardless of their personal attributes, socioeconomic status or the nature of their health problems.

Classmate 3

The candidate makes a valid point in his or her support for the principle of autonomy in that nurses have the obligation to revere the decisions made by the patients concerning their lives or method or treatment. This is an excellent point as it is not sufficient just to accord patients their autonomy but it is also important to respect the decisions made by the patients. I also agree with the candidate’s perception of justice, that is, equal health care is what every individual deserves (Winland-Brown, Dunphy, Porter & Thomas, 2015). In this regard, as valuable members of the nursing fraternity, it is our responsibility to uphold these principles.














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