Analysis of the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

Nature and Purpose of Planning

Survival and succeeding in this ever dynamic world is of utmost importance. As such, almost every individual has goals and objectives that they desire to achieve in their everyday life. A map towards meeting these already laid out objectives is what we refer to as planning. Planning can therefore be said to comprise of two components; the goals and the action statement.

The action statement in planning, should eventually be able to produce timely and efficient results in line with the pre-set objectives. The nature of planning differs widely depending on the objectives and goals one wishes to achieve. Some of the properties of planning include but are not limited to; continuous/ futuristic. The world and environment over is continuously changing in conformation with several factors such as the world economy, climate among others. Planning should therefore project and put into consideration any necessary changes in the future. As such, planning is flexible. In as much as the concerned parties should stick to the plan, they should also remain open minded to cater for issues such as; what if the initial plan back fires? Do we have an alternative? Planning is an intellectual activity. It involves choosing the best course of action from a vast array of options at hand and thus, requires an intellectual approach. Planning being a basic managerial function otherwise, primacy among the manager’s tasks, it involves vast series of key decision making. The managers of an organization or even as an individual, you are required to devise methods by which your goals are to be achieved. In actual sense, planning is more inclined to be more of objective oriented.  Regardless of the reproach taken in planning and all other basics, planning focuses on achieving the set objectives besides sticking to the other requirements.

The sole purpose of a particular plan is of utmost importance to the concerned parties. Eventually, the planning should be able to achieve the pre-set goals and leave room for improvement. In cases where the initial planning does not work perfectly, there should also be a back-up plan.Nature and Purpose of Planning