Past Present and Future

I’ll be a legend

This rap song is written to bring into light my inner thoughts. It is like I am thinking a loud about the dream and passion that I have in music. It tries to out the challenges that I am facing in the course of pursuing my dream but keeping in mind the advice that my mother gave to me when I was a kid.

I’ll be a legend

Am standing right before stage, when I see the audience I get so frightened

At first when I heard, I though it is so amazing

Getting to be known by nearly everybody and keeping the hype flowing made me think my life when

Am done making this so I’ll prepare for next year

I’m a hardworking person and there is no place to rest here

Am not in for a competition so better slow the gear

All I wanna be is a legend is that clear

I had a dream that one day al be rapping on one platform with Lil Wayne

Signing my next deal with Dr. Dre

Friends told me many bad things but I was angry

Am known as a humble guy I know you may not believe

I do hiphop and this is my thing for life

I love ma fans and I don’t have time for beef

Since if one loves violence then I presume them to be weak


My mama told me that kid you have to be strong all the time and never to worry

So I don’t allow beef and all those criticizing am sure you don’t know my story

I pray to God my dreams get valid and I be legend

A legend of the time and leave the haters feeling sorry

I’ll be a legend

II: Speech

Besides my study at the university, I have always had the dream of pursuing music. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a musician, but my parents have always been against it. Due to their resistance, I decided to quit music and pursue my education out of the respect that I have for them. My studying experience in the United States has been a wonderful and a tremendous one.  What I have lived to enjoy during the undergraduate program is the multiple diverse cultures at the school. The interaction and friendship that I have had have taught me of the diverse cultures and different backgrounds that people come from. These are the major issues that I will be advocating for in my songs.

Even though music is an exciting venture to pursue, still it has various key challenges. The first big challenge that needs to be overcome is the fear of standing before the crowd of the audience and performing to them. As a musician, you must always overcome this fear and be confident at all times. This fact is what I have decided to include in my first song to explain to my audience and also the aspiring musicians. A motivating factor that keeps me want to write more music Is the love that musicians get from their fans, and the happiness is seen in people when they listen to a good song.

In life, people need to be hardworking individuals no matter their family backgrounds. I am a perfect example of a hardworking person, and this is clearly brought up in one of my rap song called I’ll be a legend. However, the genre of hip-hop music has always been characterized by beef and haters coming your way so that you do not prosper. According to my perspective, this is not proper and what I wish to exist in the music industry is a healthy competition.

In conclusion, when I will get done with school, I will pursue music since I will have enough money to support myself. I appreciate my parents for the support and advice that they have always given me. I will like to have friends throughout my friends and always work towards having no enemies basing on the fact that there is no gained attained from enmity.I’ll be a legend