Analysis of the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

Re: Failure to Complete the Requested Project

It is with sincere apologies that I write this letter because of my failure in completion of the last project that was assigned to my desk. Though the submission time and date have already elapsed, I politely take this chance to try to highlight some of the factors that caused the delay.

The main cause of my delay in the project’s completion is mainly in the nature of the project. The assigned project comprised of a work load meant to have been done by three distinct departments yet I took it upon myself to carry out the project alone. This forced me to try to stretch my limits, which led to multi-tasking. This was before considering the dangers of multi-tasking. I was pushed by the drive of wanting to do more with less time. This made me resort to doing the project faster.

In the middle of my project however, I acknowledged the negative impacts that multi-tasking was doing on the project. This project required learning, critical thinking and then lastly decision making. All this cannot be achieved through multi-tasking. I ended up overlooking some of the important aspects of the project, missing the dangerous mistakes made and took a much longer time trying to put things together.

INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED:you should create your own genre not just copy the student sample.
you can write a poem or rap song or even questionnaire but you can copy their questions.

Thank you for cooperation.


I have since divided the report into the different department and the results are soon to be compiled for the manager’s report. Please bear with my request of an additional time of 5 working days in order to come up with a full report of the project. Looking forward to your consideration.Failure to Complete the Requested Project

Yours sincerely,