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Academic Stress

Idea and Plan

Simply defined, stress refers to the state of mental and emotional strain which results when one is exposed to extremely demanding circumstances. In this individual project, I will offer a personal experience of how I have had to endure and deal with stress as a result of having to deal with an academically challenging environment. The overall point will be to share the perspective that while stress is indeed troubling and challenging to deal with, it is an almost inevitable phenomenon while operating in a demanding environment like a university setting. The best way to deal with it is to learn how to cope with it – like I have learnt to do with time.

Academic Stress

The Individual Project

Perhaps one could ask, why I’m I stressed? Well, there are various reasons for this. To begin with, the academic life has not been easy. I take 4-5 courses every semester. Each of these courses is demanding and requires me to study hard so as to pass. There are tens of assignments that must be completed. These assignments require thorough, intensive and extensive research. The whole process of doing research is not only highly complex sometimes, it is also time consuming. This means that I hardly have enough time to relax. Besides, competition is cut-throat here in the university, meaning that failure to study adequately could see me drop in my academics and suffer the fate of bottom ranks in class.

Studying consumes large portions of my time such that I hardly have time for other things. I rarely visit friends. As much as I would love to, I simply cannot find the time. Sometime I wish my family was right here with me, perhaps I could share some of my stressful moments with them. While this would not mean that I would suffer less stress, the act of sharing my concerns with people who genuinely understand me could lessen the burden. While stress seems to be coming because of a demanding academic life, it has the effect of complicating my life to the extent of affecting my relationship with other people. As a matter of fact, even my friends have taken note of how stressful my life has become.

As noted earlier, it is impossible to avoid stress; however, I can do my best to cope with it. Besides, given that stress is emanating from the busy academic schedules that I have to adhere to, it follows that stress will me much less when I am done with schooling. But there are few things that I can do to ease the situation. I can use the little time that I have to visit places that interest me, for example, beaches and parks. I always derive great satisfaction from visiting such places. I am sure they can be important in lessen the impact of stress. Secondly, I should spend some time attending yoga classes. There is evidence that yoga is a highly relaxing activity, one that would be useful for a stressed person like me. Lastly, I will try reading books, especially those dealing with the psychology of handling stress (Lucier 57).

The activities highlighted above would definitely be useful in dealing with my stress. However, the real challenge will be in finding time to take part in them. Given the fact that I am desperate to find a way to deal with my stress, I will have no option but to find time.

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