The Philosopher’s Way

The Philosopher’s Way, Chaffee draws a distinction between the sophists, who were skeptics and relativists, and philosophers, who were objectivists and Universalists. Where do you stand, or which direction do you lean?

I stand on the side of philosophers who were objectivists and Universalists. Chaffee explains that philosophy as conceptualized by Socrates is the love of wisdom and helps human beings to ask the ‘why’ questions about the universe and what is happening around them. For example, it is through philosophy that people can question why then need to conform to the ideals and values that have been espoused by the society (Chaffee, 2013, p. 55). Also, philosophy enables individuals to question whether there are potentially more enlightened principles and values of living that need to be investigated, and how they can best use their thinking abilities in pursuing knowledge and truth of reality on the universe.

The importance of philosophy is to question the truth and authenticity of the cultural myths and stories. It is through philosophy that human beings are able to reason, seek and explore in a view of understanding each of the meaningful aspects of human experience and the universe. Philosophy champions the qualities and values of independence of thought, intellect development, seeking clarity and order, strength of character, and living life courageously and honorably (Chaffee, 2013, p. 55).

As it can be observed from the explanation, philosophers are bound to be objectivists and Universalists as these are the aspects and qualities that are championed by philosophy. I prefer to lean on the direction of philosophers because this direction enables me to pursue knowledge and truth about the reality of the universe. Leaning on the sophist direction would not have provided me with this opportunity; instead, it would have made me to be a skeptic and a relativist who doubts virtually everything and do not exercise independence of thought.














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