Analysis of the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

Internet Marketing

I intend to focus on internet marketing. In recent years, it has been identified as the most exciting and fastest growing branch of marketing. As the world becomes highly connected, marketers must keep up with these new developments in order to reach new audiences. While technology and software are changing at a very high rate, services and products are undergoing evolution so as to adapt to the sphere of online marketing. In order for various savvy internet marketers to keep up with these developments, emphasis must be laid on the future trends.

During this project, I will analyze the power of the web and the myriad tools it possesses. Moreover, unique and personal ways of interacting with customers that is provided by this form of marketing will be analyzed. In order to establish future trends, relevant data will be gathered from secondary sources that include online articles, business magazines, newspapers, and surveys. This will make it easier to establish the perspective of the consumers and identify whether their needs are fully met through the services being offered currently.

Several advertisers from a number of industries and three media agencies will be interviewed. The expectation is that their views will be helpful to understand the key issues that are at stake and the best resources for caring out an effective online advertising. This research will be helpful to me in planning for my future career. Moreover, experience with platforms such as Facebook, Adworks, and Twitter during my research would be highly beneficial. I expect to gain considerable insight by simply watching the kind of brands doing online. Website layout, purchasing process, email strategy and social media efforts comprise some of the things to observe. I will identify four or five brands and analyze how these areas are tackled by each. Moreover, I will take advantage of school resources including student groups on marketing and career-relevant events such as conferences, online learning platforms such as, and external networking groups. In conclusion, I consider the best Internet marketers to be those that are self-taught. Such individuals have invested their time so as to gain experience or test out their own strategies across a number of platforms, which makes them to be familiar with the industry’s aspects.