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United States Involvement in Foreign Crises

Recently, arguments have risen among the United States citizens who in their opinions argue that the United States military should not get involved in the crises that affect other countries other than itself. This opinion has been supported by citizens who argue that once the government sends out troops in order to maintain peace in the foreign countries, more and more troops are sent during the prolonged crises and thousands of military soldiers end up dying in the course of the peace keeping. Therefore these respondents suggest that the government should not get involved in other countries affairs. This is an example of a fallacy. A fallacy can be simply defined as the use of incorrect reasoning during an argument. The effects of fallacies is often deception that arises when the audience takes in the argument and implements it. The above fallacy about the military of the United States not getting involved in the affairs of other countries is an example of an informal fallacy. This fallacy contains deceptive argument that was committed unintentionally as a result of ignorance. The fallacy is informal because it lacks a standard logical system during its presentation and only portrays an error in reasoning.

United States Involvement in Foreign Crises

The American military soldiers should indeed engage in other countries crises with the main aim of peace keeping as they have done for the past 40 years. According to Miller (2014), during the CBS News on September 14th, “the American military should always remain committed to maintaining a powerful military and a strong leadership role in both domestic and international affairs in addressing security challenges”. The American military can therefore fix the issue which has also been a huge debate by stepping in from time to time in order to help the helpless civilians from being slaughtered in their foreign countries. However, they should not get involved in each and every little matters.

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