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Technology in Class

The wide spread use and development of technology has been incorporated in almost every aspect of individual’s daily lives. Similarly, in schools, the debate on whether to incorporate technology in the learning process has caused intense arguments. Indeed the use of technology in learning has a positive impact on the student’s achievement. Some of the positive effects according to  Frei, Gammill, & Irons, (2007) are that the use of technological gadgets makes the learning process interesting, enables the students to easily remember the content that is taught in school and prepares them for the digital economy that is ahead of them after completion of school. However, some people still disagree with the incorporation of technology in schools and assert that the use of the expensive technological gadgets is likely to make the students lazy. According to Baek, Jung & Kim, (2008), “technology changes every time therefore the educators are also required to keep changing their methods with time in order to cope with the changes in technology”. The integration of technology therefore would result in high investment costs that are required in order to install and maintain the technological equipment. Never the less, despite the limitations that would result due to the integration of technology in the learning process, the benefits that are to be enjoyed outweigh the limitations. This is because, students in the 21st century have a connection with technology. They enjoy technology thus the use of this technology would in the same way enable them to enjoy learning with the main aim of improving their academic performances. The goal of introducing technology in classroom will foster achievement in content area learning by developing the student’s higher order thinking (Cradler, McNabb, Freedman, & Burchett, 2002). High academic performance and increased memory due to the use of technology, students will be able to graduate out of school with improved skills that are needed in life.Technology in Class


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