Analysis of the poem “Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes

Comments and Questions


higher learning -The following are my comments and questions concerning the class readings of the past week.

The degree to which students pursue higher learning in the various learning institutions should correspond to the life skills that are required for survival even after the completion of their learning programs. The content taught in higher learning institutions should not only equip students with the necessary skills required in order to secure various employment opportunities but should also prepare students with skills required for survival after completion of their studies. This skills include entrepreneurial skills which can enable one to start an income generation project. After graduating from school therefore, one can be in a position to start a venture which he or she can use to generate their own income and even employ other citizens who never got the chance of attending higher learning institutions.

Together with the required life skills that graduates are expected to have upon completion of a specific course, the content taught should also not only concentrate on the specific courses pursued by the specific students but rather entail also the social and economic concerns of the society in general. Some of the vices that should be addressed in the course of the learning should comprise of aspects like racism. According to Bahiyya and Naguib in “Roots of Racism”, in addition to the awareness about the existence of racism, students should also educated about the root causes of racism with the main aim of finding an end to this acts that impact our society negatively.  The knowledge about such acts and finding their permanent solutions can “internationally construct and perpetuate blocks to equal access to rights, dignities and deemed privileges supported by social, economic and political factors”.


How then the school curriculum be adjusted in order to produce graduates who have not only qualified in their various courses but also equipped with the necessary skills needed for survival?

How can the institutions of higher learning encourage an individual’s gift of nature like talents in various crafts in order to help him or her in surviving outside the school for example in generating income?