Past Present and Future

Creative Execution

In creative execution, the message will not rely on words as the sole means of communication. Elements such as beautiful scenes, sexual pictures, designs, colors and pictures will be used. The adverts used must appeal to the emotions of the target consumers through sex as well as humor. Once it has been established who the target consumer is, the correct messaging will be developed in order to help achieve the objectives. Creative execution will involve a decision regarding what the advertising should contain and the impression it is to create. Slogans such as “refreshes parts cannot reach” will be used. Background music will also be used to create mood, attract attention, reinforce the message, and make the advertisement memorable.

Video fantasy advertisements will be used. Particularly, pictures of cruise lines showing couples enjoy romantic and sensuous vacations together will be used so as to create sexual emotions and attract young individuals to buy the product. On the other hand, advertisements showing people feeling the thrill of winning a specific major sports event such as football will be used. Additionally, a beautiful and sex model could be used to promote the product in which case she would sharing the product with them. Such effective sexual adverts are likely to inspire recall and eventually action.

Moreover, the marketing communication identified will involve a shift away from the traditional advertising, towards a branded content that will work on multiple platforms of the media. A content strategy that is well-conceived that relies on video will likely prove central to the success of Central City beer product. During the communication, emphasis will be laid on brand personality notion in order to generate a sense of affinity between the brand and its consumers. The brand will be given human characteristics so as to stimulate emotional and affective responses towards it from its consumers.