Canyon Creek Food Company

I intend to research on Canyon Creek Food Company. The firm is involved in food processing and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. It provides fresh soups in addition to a wide range of food products that are prepared with the aim of attracting health-conscious consumers. The company has a total of 25 employees. However, the median number of workers at most companies in Alberta range from 4 to 20. This could be interpreted to mean that the company has employed slightly more people compared to average companies. Moreover, it generates annual revenue of approximately $4.0 million, which puts it among top 10% companies in the food industry.

The proposal to be presented will be addressed to the management of Canyon Creek Food Company through its subsidiary company, the Canyon Creek Soup that manufactures and sells sauces, soup and other related food products across Canada. The main assumption is that the top management is in a position to implement the proposal if it is considered to be feasible. The best solutions will be presented in the plan. Armed with the necessary facts and information the company’s board can commence on the planning process in order to evaluate and implement the suggestions.

In recent years, Canyon Creek Food Company has faced stiff competition from other players in the industry. The proposal aims to help the firm increase sells by expanding the supply of its branded products to both existing and new markets. Furthermore, there is need to stimulate the trial of different products by consumers and to promote awareness. Co-packing opportunities will also be exploited in the proposal. There is also the need to effectively manage the company’s resources in order to control operations in an effective way and achieve profitability. The proposal will present a clear method that the company can employ in order to grow and capture available opportunities.