This memo is presented to highlight the whole topic of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the art of presenting another person’s work as if it is yours. It is therefore portrayed as cheating through copying. It is considered as plagiarism if any person for instance a student takes another person’s writing without explicitly or clearly giving credit to that particular writer. The plagiarized material might be diagrams, pictures, texts, photographs, statistics and any other facts that are not entirely common knowledge.  If one gets any material from any source that source might be well referenced. Other forms of plagiarism are paying someone else to write your paper and copying other students work during exam.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University like most Post-secondary institutions takes plagiarism seriously. It is therefore quite important that students strive as much as possible to avoid it.Students should give due acknowledgement of every material they use when writing academic papers. The sources that have been used should be accurately cited and referenced according to one of the various academic practices available. When a source has directly quoted word by word it should be placed within the quotation marks and the quotes ought to be accurately referenced in footnotes, parenthesis, or endnotes.

The internet has an abundant source of information and most students use it when carrying out the research for the assignments. The ability to copy the sources form the internet therefore makes it easier for the information to be abused. Students most often create their essays by patching information from the documents that are sourced from the internet. That is purely plagiarism which is also punishable by the Polytechnic University standards. The situation can however be corrected when the information sourced from the internet is paraphrased and properly cited.  It is also very prudent that students make their own personal contribution, an essay should thus demonstrate an individual students personal insight in the evaluation of the material they are using, this means that the students should not over quote.  Plagiarism an therefore be avoided and I wish you a nice studies and stay at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Thank you