Company Overview

Central City Brewers Company and distillers is a brewers and distillers company in Canada that is specialized in the production of craft beer. The currently 13 year old company was established back in the year 2003 when it was then known as Central City Craft Brewpub located in Surrey, BC. Central city brewers and distillers mainly produces craft beer with Red Betty brand as their lead crafted beer brand. The company’s sales have seen progressive increase since establishment which has enabled the success of central city. In 2005, the company launched a canning line and in 2010 it won Canada’s best brewery award. The lead brand Red Betty is currently available in over 150 BC Government liquor stores in the province (“Central City Brewers”, 2014). According to the company, their products are also available outside the province in over 230 outlets and agents in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

Central city utilizes the market monopoly strengths of being the best craft beer company in the province. However, the company also faces weaknesses associated with the sell of fresh beer which has a very limited expiry period. The company thus enjoys economies of scale and brand loyalty in the province resulting to the great revenues acknowledged which is also the company’s main goals and objectives.

The current market trends which consist of the changes to craft beer liquor policy has presented great market opportunities for Central City Brewers Company. The policies by the BC government outlined legislative changes that has improved the craft beer industry. Among the significant changes include the tax break that saw a reduction in the craft beer tax from $.55 per litre down to $.40 per litre (“Beer Me”, 2016),  resulting to a 27% tax reduction. This tax break will positively affect the company by reducing their production costs in order to realize greater revenue which is the fundamental objective for every business venture.


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