The Phenomenology of Error

My own experiences with the grammar and errors encompass typical grammar mistakes. My writing has been characterized by a number of errors that involve spelling, punctuation and word choice. In most of my courses, the instructors expect my writing to be free of all surface errors. However, I tend to be uncertain of rules that govern spelling, grammar, word choice and punctuation. These experiences stand out in my mind because in many occasions, the stylistic lapses and grammatical errors make it difficult for me to focus on particular ideas that I strive to express in the writing. Moreover, my instructors have been lamenting for a long time now about students whose grammar is so poor that they feel it does not meet their basic expectations. Having read Williams’ piece, I realize that while I have become used to and contented with my grammar, the types of errors I make are totally unacceptable by other individuals. It is also possible to make improvements by paying attention to various errors when reading a text.

Of the various observations that Williams makes in this article, I am surprised by the fact that readers do not find errors in a piece of writing unless they are looking for them. I liked this observation the most since I tend to make many of the mistakes in my writing. In order for me to achieve more improvement, I should develop more interest in reading. This will enable me to find the errors. Moreover, I can relate to Williams’ description that by reading an essay in a manner that is not reflexive, I tend to identify fewer errors. I agree with Williams’ claim that by re-reading and looking for simple errors, it is possible to identify and have them fixed. His words can be interpreted to mean that we can identify common errors in a piece of writing only if we are looking for them. Otherwise, one can read through a given piece of writing, and fail to identify any error. I do not disagree with the author since I can relate to all that he is informing us about.  The Phenomenology of Error