Answer the Following Questions

1 write an introductory paragraph in one or two sentences.

Content creation is one of the key features that attract efficient traffic to a website, the information found in a website determines whether people will return to a specific website. This can be achieved through efficient content creation. Our website therefore could be more informative and boost our business if we implement some of the ideas addressed in efficient content creation, which will also be freely discussed at 10am on Monday, November 19th.  

  1. Re-write this paragraph.

Good writing skills are critical in writing transactions because most transactions require permanent records.

  1. Correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in this paragraph. (Rewrite)

“As a general rule, we would not accept the return, however, we will in all probability make an exception in this case”.

  1. Describe the difference between the 1-2-3rd person voice and their uses.

The difference between the first, second and third person’s voice can be identified by the personal pronouns of the three points of view in their singular and plural forms. The singular pronouns of the 1st person is “I”, me and my while the plural is ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’. The first person is often used in writing autobiographies.

The pronouns used by the second person’s voice include ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’. These pronouns are often used when addressing the one or more people for example in addressing the readers.

The pronouns used by the third person’s voice include both the masculine and feminine pronouns categories. The singular forms include “he, she, it” for the subjective case, “him, her it” for the objective case and “his, her, it” for the possessive case. The plural forms include “they, them, their” respectively. This voice is often used in fictional writing.

  1. Re-write this paragraph using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person’s voice.

During the winter quarter, I enrolled in a fiction-writing workshop. In order to enroll as a writer with the workshop, you need to complete a total of three stories, which you submit to them. Their guidelines on the stories also require state that the three stories should be of different points of view.

  1. Identify the ‘passive’ and ‘active’ voice in these two sentences.

Active voice- “The tax return was completed before the April 30th deadline”.

Passive voice- “Marcelo completed his tax return before the April 30th deadline”.

  1. Identify the ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ writing approaches in these sentences and describe their uses.

Direct approach- “Please review the following proposal regarding employees benefits and let me know by May 20th if you approve this changes”.

This is a direct approach because the main idea, which is the employees’ benefits, is mentioned in the first part of the sentence. It has been used to give an order for reviewing the proposal.

Indirect approach- “For the first six months, the Human Resource Department has been considering changes to our employees benefits plan”.

This is an indirect approach because the main idea, which is changes in employees’ benefits plan, comes at the last part of the sentence. It has been used in order to give a non-encouraging message.

  1. Identify the thesis or problem statement in this paragraph. Present your answer as a question.

As a result of the restrictions announced by the B.C government in limiting Trans fats, should the Thin Crust Company hire a laboratory or a consultant to work on the changes of their production process?Answer the Following Questions

  1. Identify: past, present and future tenses in these sentences.

Present tense- “Beer from Granville Island is available at their brewery 7 days a week”.

Past tense- “The Granville island brewery has provided beer to pubs throughout Vancouver”.

Future tense- “The Grandville Island Brewery will continue to operate from its current location at Granville Island”.

  1. Identify the topic sentence and the supporting sentences in order to compare and contrast the information in the paragraph.

(A). Topic sentence- “Foreign service careers are certainly not for everyone”

Supporting sentence- “Many representatives are stationed in remote countries where harsh climates, health hazards, security risks and other discomforts exist”.

This information discourages the option of Foreign Service careers by pointing out the consequences encountered by those who engage in foreign careers.

(B). Topic sentence- “Careers in the foreign service offer special rewards for the special people who qualify”

Supporting sentence- “Foreign service employees enjoy the pride and satisfaction of representing Canada abroad. They enjoy frequent travel and social experiences in living abroad”.

This information on the other hand encourages Foreign Service careers by pointing out the benefits enjoyed by those who qualify for the jobs. Despite the harsh treatment encountered by Foreign Service workers, there are numerous benefits also enjoyed by this people.