Yes, these practices can be adopted for my classroom.Valuing Student Experiences  in class. These are the best ways of showing acknowledgement and honoring student’s background.  Other ways that I can use to honor my students’ cultural backgrounds include starting my class with unique sayings or proverbs from different cultures. This will require me to search for different proverbs that are relevant to my class as a whole. Use of proverbs will not only show my respect to other cultures but it will also stimulate the imagination of my students. I can also have a special signatory handshake for my students depending on their cultural background. This is a new way that students are using to express themselves. Finally, I can also have my students tell the whole class something about where they come from likes their favorite foods and sporting activities. Valuing Student Experiences

Modelling a “Writerly Life”

Strategies that I could share with my students that they can use to find topics

  • Brainstorming through discussions
  • Creating a list of favorite topics on a given subject or discipline
  • Using the internet to find interesting topics
  • Writing a list of what one loves reading or writing about
  • Valuing Student Experiences

How my students can discover community problems

  • Interviewing the community members
  • Staying in the community for a few days
  • Researching on problems that the community has been facing
  • Asking the students to also jot down the problems that they encounter or see in their societies on daily basis

Promoting Student Choice

Some reasons why teachers feel compelled to choose topics for their students

  • When the instructions are too complex for the students to understand fully.- In this scenario a teacher can just offer suggestions that she or he thinks are related to the assigned work
  • When the students are foreigners and are struggling with the language used to teach- The teacher can just offer a variety of topics and try to explain to the students what is needed but leave the student to write everything.
  • When the topics available are limited and as such a certain number of students need to deal with a given topic- In this scenario the teacher only allocates a topic to each student and waits to see the completed work.
  • Valuing Student Experiences