Have a 4 part accounting/excel question. Please see attached.

Have a 4 part accounting/excel question. Please see attached.


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Due April 9th by 11:59 pm central
Upload your solution in area 2 of the project 2 assignment area.
Make sure you type your name in cell A3
You should always verify that your problem has been loaded correctly by either going back to the assignment and clicking on Ok and you should
You will be graded on the accuracy of your answer and the usage of excel.
You must use excel cell referencing in all of your calculations and use the data analysis tool in
development of your regression tables.
The problem solution is worth a total of 15 pts.
I have a demonstration
exercise that demonstrates the traditional and the ABC method and an audio PowerPoint of this process, too,
in course documents chapter 5 folder and an extensive regression demonstration in the chapter 6 course document folder.
I will post my solution at 8 am on April 10th, so I will not accept any submissions late for partial credit since exam 1 needs to be taken from April 10th-16th.
Grading Rubric: I will take off 10 pts. if you do not use the excel application appropriately.
Part 1 Worth 5 pts.
Part 2 Worth
10 pts.
Simple regression worth 2 1/2 pts., Scattergraph 2 pts., Multiple regression 2 1/2 pts., each estimation worth 1 pt. each, and comments 1 pt.
Please make sure you read the academic honesty policy, since I want to make sure everyone realizes that they should not be discussing
this problem outside the discussion board.
This is an individual assignment and should be completed by each student on their own.
I realize some of you maybe best friends or relatives, but this is an individual assignment and you should not be working as a team.
Please use this template below to solve project 2 which has
2 parts on separate worksheets
and save your file using your first initial, last name, name of assignment, so cnyeproblem2.xls
TYPE in your name here
see the file you uploaded and you can also go to view grades and click on the exclamation to see the file you have loaded.
Remember it is your
responsibility to take the time to verify that your file has uploaded correctly.
If there are problems, please contact me immediately.
Academic Honesty Policy:
Each student is assumed to be a mature and
responsible adult with high academic and moral standards.
There is no
place in the business profession or the classroom for dishonesty.
Therefore, any student found cheating or presenting material in a dishonest
fashion would be dismissed from the course and given a course grade of
You should not exchange files
or discuss turn in problems or take
home exams outside the discussion board
It is unfair to your classmates
to discuss turn-in problems and take home exams via e-mail or to send
files with the solution to any member of the class.
I always have a
discussion thread set up for students to ask questions, so this is the place
you should ask questions on these assignments and exams.
Remember, it
does not matter what type of assignment it is, if you are found cheating you
will receive an F for the course and the College of Business will be
informed of your actions for further proceedings.

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Part 1
Industries Inc. manufactures 2 products: A and B.
A review of the company’s accounting records revealed the following per-unit costs and production volume:
Product A
Product B
Production volume(units)
Direct labor hours used
Direct material cost per unit
Direct Labor cost per unit: $14 per hour
3 hours at $14
4 hours at $14
Manufacturing overhead is budgeted at :
Using direct labor hours as the base for assigning manufacturing overhead cost to products, compute the direct labor hours needed and the
predetermined overhead rate using direct labor hours.
The predetermined overhead rate you compute should be $62, since I have given you the answer but I want to make sure you know how to determine the $62.
Direct labor hours, budget hours
Product A
Product B
Total direct labor hours
per direct labor hour
Using the predetermined overhead rate you determined in “a” above, determine the unit product cost of each product.
Don’t forget that unit product cost includes direct material, direct labor, and Manufacturing overhead. Don’t make this complicated, since the numbers are already there for you.
Product A
Product B
Direct material cost per unit
Direct labor cost per unit
Applied manufacturing overhead
per unit
Total product cost per unit
You are a recent hire to Industries Inc. and you have made it known that you just recently completed an MBA program that had a management accounting
course that taught you about another costing system that might be appropriate.
During a meeting, you suggested that an ABC system might be a more
accurate costing system.
Management has asked you to recompute the unit cost using the ABC costing approach, since the company is showing declining profits.
First complete the following chart that is set up like exhibit 5-7 on page 177, and there is a more detailed explanation of the 3 step calculation approach example
on page 176 exhibit 5-6.
I have highlighted the columns in red you need to complete and I have started the table to guide you.
Activity Cost pool
Cost driver
Cost Driver Quantity
Pool rate
Product line
$218,000 Number of setups
Product A
Product B
General Factory
1,360,000 Direct labor hours
Product A
Product B
Machine processing
220,000 Machine hours
Product A
Product B
Grand Total
Complete the following table to determine the unit product costs from ABC, just like the exhibit 5-8 on page 178
Product A
Product B
Direct material cost per unit
Direct labor cost per unit
Total direct costs per unit
Manufacturing overhead(based on ABC)
General Factory
Machine processing
Total product cost per unit
e. Write a short
report (at least 75 words) that identifies factors that may account for the company’s declining profits.
Predetermined Overhead
Cost driver
quantity for
product line
Activity cost
for product
cost per
Look at exhibit 5-2 on page 172
Make sure you are using 
cell references, by 
referencing the cells above.

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