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What is a custom essay writing service ?

This is an online service whereby a client can order an essay, give specific requirements and a deadline and have the essay written to his/her specifications. The client can customize the essay further by uploading instructions files and samples to be used to ensure that the essay is written to satisfaction. Your essay is then written from scratch  by a professional paper writer. The said writer must posses a minimum of a Bachelor’s in the academic field in order to ensure the client receives quality work. As the client you can request for add ons such as a plagiarism report, a cover page and bibliography. Some services will provide the above mentioned add ons for free while others will charge for the additional materials. At completemyhomework.com WE DON’T CHARGE for the add ons. We believe that they should be given as after sale services to our clients free of charge.

Why would I need the services of a custom essay service

School, particularly college can be quite overwhelming. A student is tired not only physically but mentally and emotionally. This is due to the huge workload placed on students by professors. A lot of this workload is really not necessary. Secondly college is not only a time to learn but also a time to discover yourself. This means that you want to explore the world and your talents but school work is constantly holding you back. An assignment help website comes in handy and more so a highly recommended one such as completemyhomework.com. so instead of struggling with your research papers and term papers, just post them on our website and have a professional ace it for you?

How does a custom essay writing service work ?

The process is very simple

Visit our order page here
Fill in the paper subject and topic
Add the academic level and number of pages
Fill the deadline
Fill in the instructions (this may include links )
Upload any file that would be needed (this may include the instructions file, the samples etcs)
Check out via PayPal for payment
Wait as you paper is handled by our writers

At completemyhomework.com,  you can monitor the progress of your paper at any time by requesting for a draft. You can also communicate with the writer to ensure that all instructions are followed. Your homework paper will be delivered accompanied by a plagiarism report. We take pride in delivering plagiarism free essays to all our clients.

What topics can you write my essay on?

We have a huge pool of professional essay writers which ensures that we can write your essays on a wide range of subjects. This includes, but isn’t limited to;
Social sciences essays
Law essays
Nursing essays
Business essays
English essays
College research papers
College term papers

Whatever the paper topic and deadline is, feel free to contact us and we will help. Our customer care service is available 24/7 to answer any question or query.

Can you write Non-plagiarized essays for me?

Yes, we can guarantee you a non plagiarized essay. All our essays are written from scratch and proper citation is strictly adhered to. Before younr paper is submitted, we check for plagiarism and deliver it accompanied by a plagiarism report. Our team of writers is well trained on how to avoid plagiarism. This includes the different types of plagiarism such as Direct plagiarism, Accidental plagiarism, Mosaic plagiarism and self plagiarism. Our partner plagscan comes in handy and we can guarantee you that your paper will be written with the utmost professionalism.

What additional services do you provide?

Our custom essay writing service provides additional features such as essay editing services, proofreading services paraphrasing services and even speech writing services. Once you have written your essay, you can submit it to us for editing and proofreading. We will assign a professional writer to edit you essay and ensure its ready for submission. We can also check for plagiarism and provide you a with a plagiarism report. Some of the things we check for include ;


we will assist you spruce your essay with the appropriate vocabulary in the correct context.

Spelling errors

spelling errors may lead to loss of marks and result in a poor overall grade so we ensure that we check for any spelling errors and correct them

Sentence structure

we will ensure that all your sentences are correct t and are well structured to make the essay more palatable. This will make it more readable to the examiner and through this you will be able to get a better score.
Our guarantee is that will edit your essay with the utmost professionalism and get you the grade you desire

Is your custom essay writing service cheap?

At this point you are probably asking yourself “ Can you do my assignment cheap”? Our services are very affordable. Any student can afford our services and this is why we consider ourselves the best custom essay writing service. Our rates range from 10-20 $ per page depending on the urgency. On top of that we offer numerous discounts to our clients. We offer an introductory 15% discount on the first order and an unconditional 15% discount on subsequent orders for all our loyal clients. This makes our discount offer the most generous in the market.

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